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Political musings amid a pandemic (giving voice to vitriol) April 21, 2020

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(At) Least Her People Know the Choice Is…*

graphic mashup of Covid-19 illustration and Statue of Liberty photoLeast her people know the choice is…,
sounds from White House, how they sting.
Trump has mimicked FoxNews voices—
“crown him now, he is our king.
‘Four more years,’ repeat the mantra,
to him tribute we must bring.”

Fear of virus cannot stop us
from insisting Trump must go.
Forefathers empowered us
to guard this nation, not his dough.
So, with courage, donning facemasks,
cast we votes this fall for Joe.

Every day to us is Zoom day,
with its Covid-19 song.
When we hear the daily bluster,
fact-check Right, correct the wrong.
Dethrone Trump, vote for Joe Biden;
now in him our hopes belong.

*by Mark Deshon, with apologies to God and all Christendom (plus William M. James and Henry T. Smart, who wrote the words and tune to UMH 304, “Easter People, Raise Your Voices”)

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