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A look back…35 years ago today March 3, 2015

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photo of UD cardI’d often had to remember and write down this particular date—3/3/80. When I awoke this morning, I recognized that it was the 3rd of March, a day that has special meaning to me personally, because it was on this day 35 years ago that I first stepped into a new position at the University of Delaware.

There is but one clear similarity today—snow and ice cover much of the parking lots, just as they did in Newark then. Beyond that, that day 35 years ago seems eons removed from who and where I am today. And yet, without having passed that portal back then, I wouldn’t be who and where I am today.

I was green and clueless then, with only a desire to use the knowledge I had learned both in college and at my recent advertising agency job (which I had held for 20 months until my position was eliminated for financial reasons) and creative skills with which I’d been blessed.

Today I can look back on a rich career as a staff designer for two campus units over all but two years of the 35. I’m now two years into a different stage in my professional life, as someone trying to be solely responsible for a business—Deshon & Associates—as well as the design work that sustains it.

I learned a whole lot, through trial and error, through good times and hard times (though “hard” is simply a relative term—I probably wouldn’t have survived in the private sector), about my craft, certainly, but even more about myself—my place as a servant with special skills but also as someone who has to work in relationship with others who have differing viewpoints, angles, and sometimes political motivation.

The time at UD served me well and helped me mature, at least to a degree, as a professional and a man, though at times I can really identify with the wisdom in the Don Henley song The Heart of the Matter—“The more I know, the less I understand.”

Sometimes it seems I’ve simply come full circle. I’m now working at something new, trying to apply what I’ve learned and yet still “in training” in many respects—3/3/15.


1. John Micklos - March 3, 2015

Very nice, Mark! Congratulations on this anniversary!


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